Press Play | Summertime Vibe: Transcending Sound’s Summer 2017 Playlist

Almost three decades ago, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince released one of their biggest, if not biggest, song titled “Summertime.” It’s the perfect description of how I imagine and approach the summer. The summer is filled with good times, heavy energy, a wavy mentality, and nostalgia vibes. So, I thought that the best way to approach this summer’s playlist was to simply feel.

I felt the warm winds. I felt the summer beaming down on my skin. I felt the boom bap of the subwoofer from passing cars. I felt the heart beat’s flutter of someone meeting someone they like. I even felt the joy of the old folks that heard some of the jams they loved from back in the day.

I felt all of that energy and put it in one playlist.

Summertime Vibe is filled with throwback songs, remixed by other producers, with a few newer songs in the middle of it all. There’s a lot of bass and upbeat songs that you can bop to, with mellow points in-between. I suggest bumping it in the car riding around or while you’re on your pre turn up.

Check it out and feel free to share it! Listen below.



Press Play | pack light: Transcending Sound’s Spring 2017 Playlist

My self-proclaimed auntie Erykah Badu once said, in one of my favorite songs from her, two words: pack light.

So many things continue to happen in our lives and in this world that are very discouraging, but we have to, at one point, gather ourselves up, find a calm and encouraging place, and head to that destination. The most important thing that we can do is pack light for the journey.

We have to try to release ourselves from past pain, hurt and fear (from within ourselves and inflicted from others) and keep it moving towards light, love, peace, and/or happiness. That’s because we all deserve it. We also can’t afford to wait until tomorrow, next week, or leave it as a New Year’s resolution and hold it off until next year. We have to take that journey now. We have to unpack it all now.

This is partially where this season’s playlist comes to play.

If you listen closely, it shares a story of travel in the physical sense (with sounds and influences from around the world, specifically of African origins), the mental sense, and the emotional sense.

I hope that at least one of you finds some love and light while listening. If you do, please make sure to share via one of the social media links below.

Stream the playlist below via SoundCloud:

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